What does it cost?

£ 10 per user per month. We sell to you the accountant and you can either pass the cost on or utilise the software portal to reduce your cost of managing the client.

What is the key benefit for me?

The ability to manage your clients much more efficiently than you currently do. We have worked out the cost saving to you in time is between 55% & 65%. You can therefore add more clients which will drive revenue or the time/cost savings or have more leisure time. In addition the portal allows you to provide live business information. These reports and information can be provided at a small cost to the client. Helping you drive revenue and also maintain your client base.

My clients currently use other software, why should they change?

Many products today are inappropriate for the novice user. ClickBooks is very simple and reduces significantly the time needed by the client to input information. In addition most current applications do not have a 'live' feedback back to you the accountant.

Do I have to download software?

No all you need is internet access. You do not have to buy or install any software on your PC or your clients PC.